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Dandy Hatch: 3.6.19 // Spur Hatch: 3.8.19

Dandy Fledge 5.16.19

1st Egg Laid: January 28th // 2nd Egg Laid: January 31st

  • Dandy 23
  • Dandy 24
  • Dandy 3
  • Dandy 4
  • Dandy 5
  • Dandy 6
  • Dandy 7
  • Dandy 8
  • Dandy 9
  • Dandy 11
  • Dandy 12
  • Dandy 13
  • Dandy 14
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  • Dandy 16
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  • Dandy 22
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  • Dandy Returns To The Nest!

    Dandy returned to the nest today, 5.20.19, after some exploring! S/he perched in the Cam 2 tree yesterday and this morning before making her way to the nest tree. Both Spur & Dandy were eating breakfast in the nest while Victoria perched on her normal limb. Way to go, Dandy! It’s been an exciting few days for Dandy!


We are sorry to inform you that after replacing our entire network system and other extensive troubleshooting, it appears that the problem is with the cameras themselves, and not entirely YouTube. As you are aware, we cannot access the cams until after the season.

For as long as the cam(s) are running consistently, we will have them online. That does change throughout the day, but the afternoons seem to be worse. However, for the sake of your sanity and because of the multiple alerts (by YouTube) each time they come back online, we will take the cams offline if they begin to malfunction. If that should happen and we can get snapshots or short videos, we will be sure to share those with you on our YouTube channel: Eagle Country YouTube. You will also have HD video here as the cams are online. We’ll keep the chat open as we can.

We have exhausted our resources and unless we can recover this season’s expenses, we won’t be able to move forward with new cams next season. We do not have corporate sponsors or large sums of money. Sometimes, it just helps to know the facts.

Having said that, for those of you who have given, we appreciate it so much as it has helped to defer the cost of this season’s set up. You all have been the greatest! We have enjoyed sitting down to a cup of coffee and watching the lives of these courageous eagles together.

We have learned from you, laughed with you and hoped with you… especially for Spur :)!

We sincerely hope we are able to come back to you next season, new and improved! So, we will keep you updated as we know more.


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Dandy & Spur – First Few Days

  • Spur & Dandy - First Week
  • Spur - 3 days old
  • Dandy - 5 Days Old
  • Morning Feeding In the Dark 3.10.19
  • Passing time in the nest 3.11
  • What Are You Looking At?
  • 3.6.19 2nd Feeding 4 - Eaglet 1
  • First Look Eaglet 5 3.6.19
  • First Look Eaglet 4 3.6.19
  • First Look Eaglet 3 3.6.19
  • First Look Eaglet 2 3.6.19
  • First Look Eaglet 1 3.6.19
  • 3.6.19 2nd Feeding 3 - Eaglet 1
  • 3.6.19 2nd Feeding 2 - Eaglet 1
  • 3.6.19 2nd Feeding 1 - Eaglet 1

A Friendly Warning To Friends of Eagle Country:

Viewing an eagles’ nest can be very graphic in nature!

When you watch a National Geographic show, whether it’s about orangutans, great white sharks, lions of the African plains or American Bald Eagles, you are always in for surprises. You are brought right into the daily lives of the animals and experience “first hand” what it’s like to live in their nest, den or ocean depth. However, nature is wild, untamed and unfiltered. So, in one sitting you may witness some of the most incredible beauty and in the next moment, some of the greatest tragedy – all up close!

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We get many questions about Victoria & Nicholas and the history of the nest and their lives. Many questions we have tried to answer below.

Where is this nest located?2019-03-01T19:56:47+00:00

This eagle’s nest is located on private property, which is also a small working cattle ranch, near a large state park in southwest Florida. Eagle Country is made up of a small group of people who love God, love His people and love eagles. The ranch has been in the family for generations and the nest has been on the property for around 20 years.

What are the eagles’ names and how long have they nested here?2019-03-01T06:09:22+00:00

Victoria & Nicholas – also affectionately known as Vic & Nic. They are not named after characters on daytime TV, these names simply seemed to suit them!
They have nested here since 2001. Their original nest and the tree it was in blew down in Hurricane Irma after 16 years. They built a new nest in an adjacent tree. That nest, unfortunately, blew down in an unseasonable storm on 12.21.18. The nest that you see now the eagles rebuilt immediately in December.

How long have Victoria & Nicholas been a pair?2019-03-01T06:09:15+00:00

We have no definitive way of knowing since this is our first season with cams. However, we do know that we have consistently seen eagles come and go seasonally since their original nest was built in 2001.

How do I tell Victoria & Nicholas apart?2019-03-01T06:41:56+00:00

It can be hard to figure out who is who! Here are some simple distinguishing features to help:

  1. Victoria is larger than Nicholas
  2. On the left side of Nicholas’ beak there is a slight “dent” or marking that is particular to him.
  3. Victoria has a lighter brown/tan coloring on the tips of her white tail feathers.
  4. Other viewers have had noted features that help them distinguish them as well. Feel free to post if you know of some other feature!
Eagle Country Weather
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Feels like: 93°F
Wind: 8mph SE
Humidity: 76%
Pressure: 30.07"Hg
UV index: 4

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