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SEASON #5 | 2022-2023

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2022 • FUNDRAISER • 2023

New Pond Cam | Maintenance

We are eagerly awaiting the new season and as you may see once cams are rolling, there are only remnants of the nest in the tree! Summer thunderstorms are notorious in Florida, and this one has been no exception. Wind and rain have blown out what remained after last year. We are, however, anticipating the rebuilding and all the excitement of nesting that follows. 

As you may be aware, the “Remote Tree” was also struck by lightning last summer and has died. In our summer maintenance, we discovered that the tree seems very fragile and could possibly go down anytime in a way similar to Snag 2. Again, Florida thunderstorms are beautiful, but the wind can be devastating.

But not to despair! We have an exciting idea and plan!

There is a nearby pond that the eagles frequently visit and once the eaglets have fledged, it becomes a training ground for their fishing skills. This is also where the cows go to drink and cool themselves in the Florida heat.

What we are looking to do is run another cam (and all associated fiber lines – 1000 feet! – and equipment) to the nearby pond to provide a different scenic view and possibly gain a better understanding of the eagles’ feeding routines.

Just a taste of a NEW Pond Cam…

GOAL – $7,500

$25 = 3ft, $50 = 7ft, $75 = 10ft, $150 = 20ft, $300 = 40ft

*Distance purchased includes ALL fiber, accessories, equipment, and portion of cam

We would like to ask all of our Friends and viewers of EC, if they would be willing to help with the additional set up as well as annual maintenance costs? As you know, it’s quite an undertaking to “keep the cams rolling” and all of the equipment that goes with it. We estimate the project costs this year to be $7,500.

Eagle Country Support
Eagle Country

Season #4 Recap

Eagle Country Eagle Cams

Season #4 proved to be successful! We were thrilled when Abby & Blaze finally confirmed their pairing. It was interesting to see the personalities and habits of Abby & Blaze and how they differed from Vic & Nic.

Fern & Thunder seemed to thrive and fledged successfully. We hope their adventures are continuing on!

Hickory & Mossy

Fern & Thunder | Season #4

Eagle Country Weather
Mostly Cloudy
7:21 am7:20 pm EDT
Feels like: 75°F
Wind: 6mph ENE
Humidity: 96%
Pressure: 29.89"Hg
UV index: 0


We receive many questions about the eagles, the history of the nest and on-camera sights and sounds. Many of these questions we have tried to answer below.

When did EC eagle cams start?2022-03-18T18:42:46+05:00

Eagle Country eagle cams started in 2018. Eagles have been in the area for many, many years and after Hurricane Irma, we decided to share them with viewers after witnessing their resilience in rebuilding!

What happened to the remote cam tree?2021-10-21T15:34:19+05:00

The remote cam tree was hit by lightning just a few days after we finished our maintenance. Just a couple days after that, it turned brown. Although we’ll miss seeing the green, we’re hopeful that it will become a great snag tree!

What happened to Victoria & Nicholas?2021-10-21T15:34:02+05:00

The 2020-2021 season brought many unexpected turns of events. We believe we had a sighting of Nicholas prior to cams going live, but we are not certain. We believe we may have seen Victoria early on, but again, we are not certain. All we do know is that they did not return for the nesting season. Although we don’t know their fate or whereabouts, we like to think they are simply enjoying their adventures elsewhere!

If you were fond of Vic & Nic and would like to revisit their story, you can read about and view them here: Vic & Nic

Who are the resident eagles?2021-10-21T15:34:12+05:00

Great question! In the 2020-2021 season, Nic & Vic did not return to the nest for unknown reasons. In their absence, a nesting pair did not emerge from the many suitors and territorial disputes. Therefore, we currently (at the start of 2021-2022 season) do not have a confirmed pair. We’re watching with you to see what may happen!

Am I hearing gunshots?2021-10-12T15:49:51+05:00

This nest located in the country on private property and is also a working ranch. Because it is in the country, sound really travels. While the shots may seem loud and close on cam, they are not. Also, the shots do not pose a threat to the eagles.

Why am I seeing so many mosquitos and bugs?2021-10-12T15:49:39+05:00

This nest is located near very swampy areas of Florida. Along with swamp conditions comes times of dense mosquitos and various bugs in the air. It is not uncommon to have a short period of time in the evenings (often 15-20ish minutes) of a sort of “swarm” of mosquitos. After this, although not swarm-like, the air is still thick with flying insects. The eagles are used to it and although they shift, scratch and “wave away” much like we would, they have learned how to deal with them.

Can the eagles see the IR lights at night?2021-10-21T15:34:57+05:00

The eagles cannot see the IR light at night because it is invisible to them. In fact, if you were to stand under the tree at night, it would be completely dark outside!

Where is this nest located?2021-10-21T15:34:37+05:00

This eagle’s nest is located on private property, which is also a small working cattle ranch, near a large state park in southwest Florida. Eagle Country is made up of a small group of people who love God, love His people and love eagles. The ranch has been in the family for generations and the nest has been on the property for around 20 years.


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Annual Eagle Country Stats

YEAR Eagle Pair Eggs Date Eggs Laid Date Of Hatch Fledge
2022-2023 Abby & Blaze * * * *
2021-2022 Abby & Blaze Two Eggs 1st: 1-5-22
2nd: 1-9-22
Fern: 2-11-22
Thunder: 2-14-22
Fern: 5-3-22
Thunder: 5-5-22
2020-2021 Abby/Many Suitors * * * *
2019-2020 Victoria & Nicholas Two Eggs 1st: 12-28-19
2nd: 12-31-19
Hickory: 2-3-20
Mossy: 2-5-20
Hickory: 5-1-20
Mossy: 5-7-20
2018-2019 Victoria & Nicholas Two Eggs 1st: 1-28-19
2nd: 1-31-19
Dandy: 3-6-19
Spur: 3-8-19
2 Successful Fledges

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