Interesting Facts About Victoria & Nicholas

  • Victoria & Nicholas were the resident pair for approximately 20 years. In the 2020-2021 season, we believe we had a pre-season sighting of Nicholas and possibly Victoria. However, Vic & Nic did not return for the nesting season. We have no sure knowledge of their whereabouts. We simply hope they are thriving and enjoying their adventures elsewhere!

  • Since EC started live cams, we saw Nic & Vic successfully raise two clutches of eaglets, Dandy & Spur and Hickory & Mossy.

  • They inhabited their original nest on the property from 2001 – 2017. It was downed when the pine tree toppled during Hurricane Irma – summer of 2017.

  • Immediately after Hurricane Irma, they began to build a new nest in a pine tree adjacent to the one downed. Unfortunately, that nest was blown out of the tree on December 21, 2018. The video footage is below.

  • No strangers to a challenge, Victoria & Nicholas IMMEDIATELY began to rebuild in the exact same spot! They were determined and rebuilt in short order!

Eagle Country

Two Eagles, Two Storms and Two Choices

Victoria and Nicholas have felt the fury of life’s storms, twice!

Read the story in the owner’s words here…

Eagle Country Nicholas
Eagle Country Victoria
Eagle Country Victoria & Nicholas
Eagle Country Nic & Vic Right After Storm 12.22Eagle Country Vic 1.28.19

Victoria & Nicholas

How can I tell Victoria & Nicholas apart?



“dent” on left side of beak
single pronounced grey tail feather
darker lores
slightly smaller than Vic



both sides of beak are smooth
pronounced grey throughout tail feathers
lighter lores
slightly larger than Nic


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